Thursday, October 8, 2015


Does your child like reading the same book over and over?

  • They understand it better each time, including the plot, vocabulary, and humor
  • They become more confident and enthusiastic about books and interested in the idea of reading
  • Let them fill in parts they know-- Make mistakes on purpose for them to catch or encourage them to say the lines they remember

What can you read besides books?

  • Street signs and street names while on the bus
  • Boxes or cans of food in the kitchen
  • Small signs in the grocery store, like for apples

Don't have a book with you?

  • Make up stories FOR your child -- You can change characters or use the same ones every time
  • Make up stories WITH your child -- Ask them what happens next or how a character should feel
  • Tell your child tales of your life -- "When I was your age..."

Toddler Storytime at Fairyland is Fridays at 10:30am and 3:00pm - 
for the before and after nap crowds.

  • Books specially selected for toddlers
  • Fun and lively songs
  • Body movement and finger-play
  • Site outside comfortably on our Emerald City Stage
  • A focused 20 minutes of literacy complements playing at Fairyland to stimulate your child's development

Want to know more about Toddler Storytime? Ask for Shana, the Education Director!

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